You're walking along a shadowy path, as wisps of fog form around you.
Ahead you spy what appears to be a graveyard.
A rickety fence surrounds old and weathered tombstones.

You start to hear music, coming from somewhere ahead...
and an eerie glow can be seen, getting brighter through the fog.
As you get closer, you realize you've come upon
what appears to be a burial in progress..
There's a hearse, with the casket still hanging out the back.
Suddenly, you realize you're not alone!
Someone is standing over there!
Or is there?
He's not moving!
Is he Real? Dead? Or is it a mannequin?

Welcome to the Haunted Hearse NorthWest Show
featuring the hearse named ROSE
A 1976 Centennial Edition Sayer/Scoville Victoria Extender

Did you get a digital picture taken in the Coffin?
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*All pictures are the intellectual property of Michael Smith,
and the Haunted Hearse NW Show.

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Michael says:

Rose was found almost by accident. I was cruisin' the Internet Classifieds for a new car,
and decided to look under "specialty cars".

Imagine my surprise when ROSE turned up - AND it was in Eastern Washington to boot!
I called, and after talking to the owner for over an hour, decided I HAD to buy her!

Rose is 22 1/2 ft long, 5 1/2 ft tall, 6 ft wide, and 2 1/2 tons of rolling steel, with a 500 cu in 4 barrel under the hood,
built on a Cadillac Fleetwood Limosine frame.
I've added Green Undercarriage Lights, Green and Purple interior lights,
a Crystal Skull and 9 Black Roses on the dashboard , and my favorite pet Cat - Lucky.
The better to HAUNT you with!!

The Haunted Hearse show has evolved over the years, from a simple car display, to a sophisticated show involving graveyard props, specialty lighting, fog effects, and background music. Each year I try to add something more to the show, either by upgrading an existing prop, or adding to the show in general.

In 2005 , I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a REAL Coffin! Made of 18 gauge steel, and weighing in at 150 pounds. It was used by the previous owner (a 19 year old) as a BED for almost a year! He lined it with a 4 inch thick Black futon, and propped the lid open. Quite comfy! I've repainted it, and relined it with a Camping foam Pad and WINE colored velour upholstery cloth. A lot more room for more people!
Sept 2009- I just got a different coffin for Rose! This one is a Split Lid with the liner intact! It's a little smaller, making it lighter, too! I've since re-lined it to use for Photos (see below).
Also, Lucky has been joined by Lazy, the sleeping Cat! He loves to lay in the Coffin!

The Mortician

The Mortician, or another "living mannequin" type character,
is something I've had over 30 years experience doing!

I can "hold a pose" with minimal movement, without blinking,
for up to 30 minutes at a time.
And each time I move, that "timer" starts over.
I have a lot of fun just watching everyone's reactions
as they do more and more outrageous stuff
in a frustrating effort to get me to "break" my character.

So far, it hasn't happened very often!
Stare-down anyone??

But, be warned, please...
I DON'T want to be touched and DO have someone watching
to see if you throw things at me!

In 2005, We started a fundraising activity called
"Photos in the Coffin"
to benefit a local Charity It's My Bag for Foster Children

Mr. Devilin joined me in 2007!
And will be part of the show in the future! Watch your soul!


Music is supplied by 4 300 watt speakers, and a 200 watt self-powered Subwoofer.
October 2009 - Finally upgraded to a GOOD CD/MP3/CD-R player, that includes USB and SDCARD adaptors
That means HOURS of nonstop music without having to mess with changing disks! OH, YEAH!
I play a lot of MIDNIGHT SYNDICATE, and NOX ARKANA, plus other various artists.
listen for "The Carny of Mr Dark"!!   Wait!    What's that!   ROB ZOMBIE!?!

Set up for 2006 Season Rose thru the Fog 2006 Full Show 2006 - fog and lights
Re-lined Coffin on Display - 2004 Set up for Display at Fright Fest The Coffin out the Back   The Haunted Hearse 2006
My  Undercarriage Lights! 2004 Crystal Skull and Roses on the Dash   Terrorist - My Hallowwen Cat - RIP - 4/2011 - 10/31/2011 - Killed Halloween Night!
Advertising for Haunted Night 2005 Display - 2001 On Display - 2001 Michael and Rose 2001

Originally ordered and operated by Harvey Funeral Home in Ardmore OK., until 1989,
then sold to a Bellevue, WA. limousine service for use by 4 different Homes.
Retired in 1996, and sold to an individual in Tri-Cities, WA.
and sold to me in 2001, where we now reside in AUBURN, WA.
ROSE is one of 50 Centennial Edition S&S Coaches made, and one of 10 Extender Versions.

YES!! You can get use of this coach for special occasions!
CLICK HERE if interested

Where you might have Seen ROSE

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