Haunted Hearse NW



You're walking along a shadowy path,

as wisps of fog form around you. 
Ahead you spy what appears to be a graveyard, 
A rickety fence surrounds old, weathered tombstones.
You start to hear music, coming from somewhere ahead... 
and an eerie glow can be seen 
getting brighter through the fog. 
As you get closer, you realize you've come upon 
what appears to be a burial in progress.. 
There's a hearse, with the casket still hanging out the back 
Parked in front of a mausoleum. 
Suddenly, you realize you're not alone! 
Someone is standing over there! 
Or is there? 
He's not moving! 
Is he Real? Dead? Or is it a mannequin?

Welcome to the Haunted Hearse NorthWest Show 

the hearse named:

A 1976 Centennial Edition

Sayer & Scoville - Hess/Eisenhart

 Victoria Extender Model

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