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             based in Auburn, WA



Rose was found almost by accident. Back in 2001, I was cruisin' the Internet Classifieds (long before Ebay) for a new car, and decided to look under "specialty cars" on CarTrader.com. I've always wanted a hearse or ambulance.

Imagine my surprise when ROSE turned up - AND it was in Eastern Washington to boot! I called, and after talking to the owner for over an hour, decided I HAD to buy her!

 Rose is 22 1/2 ft long, 5 1/2 ft tall, 6 ft wide, and 6800 lbs. of rolling steel, with a 550 cu in 4 barrel under the hood, built on a Cadillac Fleetwood Victoria Commercial Chassis.

What makes the car a unique Collector Car is the interior and exterior designs. The fabric on the entire interior is embossed with a picture of the first horse-drawn coach made by S&S. The plaques in the Coach part (the Angel of Memory) are hand-carved Olive Wood, made only for the Centennial Editions. And the Exterior Medallions (cast Bronze) are also mark the car as being one of the Centennials. There were only 50 made, and only 10 with the extender table in the back. 

 I originally added Green neon Undercarriage Lights, plus Blue and Purple neon interior lights in the coach area, a Crystal Skull and 9 Black Roses on the dashboard , and my favorite guard Cat - Lucky. The better to HAUNT you with!!


 The Haunted Hearse show has evolved over the years, from a simple  car display, to a sophisticated show involving graveyard props, specialty lighting, fog effects, a life-sized mausoleum,  background music, and,  since 2015, a Video Ghost (or two)!
Each year I try to add something more to the show, either by upgrading an existing prop, or adding to the show in general. During Halloween season, where I haunt determines how much of the show is used. 

 In 2005 , I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a REAL Coffin! Made of 18 gauge steel, and weighing in at 180 pounds. It was used by the previous owner (a 19 year old) as a BED for almost a year! He lined it with a 4 inch thick Black futon, and propped the lid open. Quite comfy! I repainted it, and relined it with a Camping foam Pad and WINE colored velour upholstery cloth. And let it hang out the back of the car during the show.

 That led to people asking if they could get their pictures taken IN the coffin (!!) - and that led to "Photos in a Coffin" - a fund-raiser for a local charity. which ran from 2005 to 2012.

 In Sept 2009, I got a different coffin. This one is a Split Lid with the liner intact! It's a little smaller, making it lighter, too! Ask if you can have your picture taken in it, if it's not out! 
 Also, Lucky has been retired, and replaced by Lazy, the sleeping Cat! He loves to lay on the Coffin! He's been joined by Lucy and Lacy, the twins and Horus, the Egyptian Cat.


 In 2016 - The lights under the coach, and in the back, were replaced with RGB LED light strips, making a much more visual experience! 24 colors - 10 patterns! OH YEAH! All AUX lights and sound are now powered by a seperate deep-cycle battery, so I can run all night, and still start the engine!


Update: Oct 2019 saw the final upgrade to the HEADLIGHTS on Rose. Integrated Hi-Intensity LEDs, with RGB ring-lights built in, plus Fog Lights added as well. Now I can REALLY see the road in front of me! 27 floods and spots on HI beam! 

2019 also saw an upgrade to the sound system in the coach - 400W rear speaker amplifier with 2 100W marine speakers. 




During Halloween Season, when we're on display, 
I play The Grave Digger, or another "living mannequin" type character. 
This is something I've had over 40 years experience doing!

I can "hold a pose", with minimal movement, and
without blinking
for up to 20 minutes at a time.
And each time I move, that "timer" starts over!
I have a lot of fun just watching everyone's reactions 
as they do more and more outrageous stuff
in a frustrating effort to get me to "break" my character.

So far, it hasn't happened very often! 
Stare-down anyone??

But, be warned, please... 
I DON'T want to be touched 
and DO have someone watching 
to see if you throw things at me!


Mr. Devilin joined me in 2007! 
Richard (my brother who played Mr. Devilin, died in 2012 
He will always be a part of the show 
by a tombstone in the display Cemetery!

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